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I have a morning schedule that involves carpooling, dropping 2 people off at different locations and then getting dropped off in time to make a train that is always right on time.  It’s a bit stressful trying to make everything come together.  The only way to do it is to allow extra time, because things happen.

But meditating is also part of my morning routine.  It’s easy to let that one part of my routine go. There’s no one depending on me to appear on the cushion.  Here’s a confession: I plan 20 minutes in the morning to meditate and when I see that I’m not going to have 20 minutes, I’ve been skipping it.

I have an app on my phone called the Zen Timer and it helps me keep track of the time without watching the clock.  It also maintains my meditation history and allows me to enter notes into a journal after each sesion.  I love using it.  It’s been set for 20 minutes for a while now and I somehow felt locked into that.  But I realize now that it would be better to meditate every day for at least some time, than to miss my practice because I can’t meet some arbitrary amount of time.

What I have started to do is set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes–whatever I know I can do. It  helps to take at least some amount of time every single day to pay attention to  my breath.  I’ve noticed that even a few moments at the start of the day make a difference. During the day I am more likely to remember to pause for a few breaths when I started my day that way.   So, how long is it necessary to meditate?  Some time. Every day.

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