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A few weeks ago I applied to refinance my mortgage. It’s been an annoying and cumbersome process of finding paperwork, signing paperwork and getting others to sign paperwork.

There was a set of documents that I had to get signed by my coop.  Each original document was already signed by the bank and my coop made me jump through a few hoops before they signed it.  On Thursday, I got the papers back, (somehow placed into my mailbox) finally all signed and ready to return to the lawyer handling the deal. That evening, I was busy getting ready to have a bunch of people over for dinner. In my effort to clean up I tried to sort all the junk mail mail from the mail I wanted and started setting the table and preparing food. Then it was a whirlwind couple of days, filled with lots of activities.

A couple of days later, I sat down for my before-bed mindfulness practice and all of a sudden the thought came to me that I didn’t know where those papers were.  I hadn’t thought about them since.  It would be a major hassle as well as an embarrassment to try to start from scratch with the documents. As soon as I got up I started scurrying around trying to find them.  While I was sitting, I had a feeling and a memory of the frantic clean up process and the envelopes I had thrown out with the junk mail and the awful thought occurred to me that I may have thrown the documents away.

After looking in a couple of places I checked the trash.  There, near the bottom, were the documents. Had I not sat quietly for the fifteen minutes that I did, that thought would never have occurred to me–at least not until it was too late.

I imagine all the mindless, murky chatter and distraction that was going on in my mind that didn’t allow me to focus on what was important. I’m glad that it was finally able to come to the surface.


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