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There’s an inviting challenge taking place at a simple, inspiring website called Gimme Presence where you get a random saying to use as a writing prompt.  Here’s my prompt:
Notice how you are holding your pen, your posture, your facial expression. Can you relax it a bit?
Look up. Notice how the sky looks right now, the shade of blue, the way the clouds move. Can you take a deep breath?
It’s not just a writing prompt but a mindfulness prompt.  Whenever I realize that my mind is chattering and I’ve forgotten to pay attention to where I am and what I’m doing, I look up at the sky.  There are an infinite number of things to notice about it it.  Like paying attention the the breath, it anchors you in the here and now.  It’s what’s happening now.  The thoughts are not. Ironically, it’s how I ground myself.

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