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I discovered the site 750Words recently and started writing.  The idea is that you get an email reminder each day to write in this private journal online and you write whatever. . . usually stream of consciousness.  It’s based on the book “The Creative Way” which suggests that as part of your journey to be more creative, you write 3 pages in longhand every day (which is about 750 words) and don’t edit yourself or worry about how it comes out.

You get points for writing but much more interesting is that you can compare your content to other peoples’ content.  The system analyzes your words and theirs to give you graphs of how your writing has been over time, vs. the last 7 days, vs. the rest of the 750 Words writers.  The idea is to gain access to your unconscious mind by analyzing the type and tone of words.

The results ring true for me in some cases and are surprising in others.  I’m not sure who the people are that they refer to as “the rest of the world,” but I am fairly certain they are not your typical people.  The tip-off is that they are writing much more than 750 words and doing it in 50 minutes.  Who are these people?

I’m o.k. comparing myself to a high level of baseline.  The results are fascinating.  The system rates you on your orientation toward the past, present and future, whether you talk about yourself or others more, how happy, sad, or fearful you are and even the level of cursing, violence and sexual content of your writing. And that is not all. . . as they say in the infomercials.

I haven’t been writing for very long on the site but there are clear difference between me and what they call “the rest of the world.” One was my rating on uncertainty.  I’m well ahead of them on that one.  So I became more conscious of this when writing and more conscious of this in general and realized that I need to get clearer and be more proactive.  That’s just one of many scores, some of which seem to make sense and some of which are questionable.  I will need to write for a longer period of time to see.  What will be interesting is that I will be able to see the change in my own state of mind (according to their algorithm).

There is also a nice feature where you can keep track of certain things.  You just write the thing you are keeping track of followed by a colon and then the number or info next to it.  The system maintains that data for you.  If you want to keep track of how much coffee or alcohol you drink, how much sleep you get, what movies you see–you’ll have it.

Writing is like its own oil. It is a practice that gets easier when you do it.  That’s why it makes sense to commit to write 750 words a day, even if they are far from art and even if they are not even interesting, sensible or smart.  Eventually, better stuff comes out.

It’s like meditation.  It becomes more natural as you do it more. It involves watching your own thoughts. It is like a muscle that gets stronger as you use it.

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